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Woman to Woman Worldwide

Woman to Woman Worldwide sponsors an annual journey of a group of North American women traveling to visit their sisters in another part of the global church.  Oregon Women have participated in this journey for many years.

Woman to Woman Travelers:

Alphabetized by Country visited

  • Judy Meneghin, Murray Hills

  •          Brazil (1996) 


    Neva Clausen, Salem First, Northwood Springfield

  •       China (2012)

  • Carol Cure, Murray Hills CC                                                 

         Congo (2011)

  • Emily Killin, Albany FCC    

          Costa Rica, El Salvador, Nicaragua (1990), Japan (1991)

          Hong Kong, China (1995)                  


  • Evelyn Harry, The View                               

          Haiti, Puerto Rico, Jamaica (1992)  


  • Joy Harrison, Lynchwood at the time                 

           Indonesia (1997)  


   Erin Donnell, Red Rock, Boise

           Israel, Palestine, Lebanon (2015)


   Allene Hays, Lynchwood at the time    

          Japan (1990)            

  • Jan Van Dyke, Murray Hills                            

           Mexico (1999)        


  • Lee Ferguson, Medford FCC

    •     Morocco (2019)​

  • Alice Powner, Grants Pass FCC                        

            Vietnam (2000)

  • Linda Lees, Albany FCC                                                 

             Zimbabwe (1993),

             Kenya (2004)

  • Janet Harpole, Albany FCC                              

             Zimbabwe (1993)

  • Cathy Myers Wirt, Christian Church in Oregon and SW Idaho  

             Zimbabwe (1993)

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