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The Regional Church is divided into five districts, each one named for a river or set of rivers.  


Each district finds its own way to share community.  


District Facebook Pages


Blue Mountain Rivers District


Scenic Rivers District


Santiam River District

Snake River District


The Christian Church in Oregon and Southwest Idaho is a community of 46 congregations speaking

three languages, witnessing in 17 Oregon counties

and 5 Idaho counties.

Congregations are located in the Willamette Valley, in coastal, eastern and southern Oregon, in the Portland metropolitan area and along the interstate 84 corridor through Idaho as far east as Burley.  


Among these are seven new and affiliating ministries, five Spanish speaking congregations, three Chuukese congregations, and one bi-lingual congregation.

Over twenty percent of the Oregon congregations have started their ministries in the twenty-first century. Four current congregations began their ministry in the pioneer days, over one hundred fifty years ago.  

Every congregation in the Portland Metropolitan Area shares space with another congregation or meets in a home.  

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