On Line Women's Events

The link to the online

fair trade store is HERE

20% of the price of

your purchase will be given

to FEDICE for

their administrative costs

to support staff salaries. 


Without their excellent staff,

their good work

could not continue.

Learn more about FEDICE.

For those who attended the October 17 event online -- here is a bookmark and list of scriptures you can download with the theme of the day.   The bookmark is on the left hand side of the page.  

You can watch the We are NOT Alone Event

on YouTube if you were not able to attend.  

You can still give to the We are NOT Alone offering. 

Offering divided between 

Week of Compassion Wildfire Relief Fund

Reconciliation Ministry

FEDICE Ecuador COVID 19 Relief Fund

Contributions stand at $700 and

we will keep the offering open until November 20.

You can give HERE

Slides from the We Are NOT Alone Event

Theme Song from We Are NOT Alone Event

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