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Follow up from October 9, 2021
Disciples women's event

Our offering was divided between
Week of Compassion/Refugee Resettlement & 
Regional Reconciliation Anti-Racism Team Ministry
Offering totaled $2,000 as of 11.2.21

Videos from our time together on line 
Week of Compassion Director Vy Nguyen/Afghan Relocation
offering invitation and embedded videos
Opening/Bible Study/Closing Worship
Presentation by Rev. Bekah Krevens
Presentation by Raiza Spratt
Anti-Racism Team Video

July 17, 2021

Click on image to start slides

Video links:
   Bible Study with Susan
   FEDICE update with Blanca
   Prayer time with Cathy
   Tribute to Susanne Fernow

Offering for FEDICE USA
in memory of Susanne Fernow  totaled
$1,225.00 which will be invested in the FEDICE USA endowment fund to continue to support FEDICE Ecuador ministries

October 17, 2020 
here is a bookmark and list of
scriptures you can download with
the theme of the day.   
The bookmark is on the left hand
side of the page.  
An offering of over $700 was
distributed between:
Week of Compassion Wildfire Relief Fund
FEDICE Ecuador COVID 19 Relief Fund
Reconciliation/Anti-Racism Fund
You can watch the     
We are NOT Alone Event
on YouTube if you were not able to attend.  

Slides from the We Are NOT Alone Event
Theme Song from We Are NOT Alone Event

 April 17, 2021
The offering reached our                                                 $1,500 goal.Combined with
other mission funds, we
were able to send $1,500 to
the Family Village Farm in
India & place $750.00 in the
Clergy Family Emergency Assistance Fund.                           
THANK YOU to all who participated in this offering!!

 Learn about Child/Elder Sponsorship 

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