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January 28, 2023

We gathered together for Bible Study with past General Minister and President Sharon Watkins, and Keynote Speaker Mikah Neff. The theme was Women We Don't Always Hear About and the focus was on issues of domestic violence.

The Rev. Dr. Sharon Watkins leads a Bible study on

Genesis 16:1-10, 13-16, 21:9-21

Mikah Neff, member at Lynchwood Christian Church, tells about her work at Raphael House in Portland working with survivors of domestic violence

and offers helpful tools for working with others dealing with

issues of domestic violence. 

Rev. Dr. Cathy Myers Wirt shares stories of her time as Co-Pastor of Mallory Avenue Christian Church in the 1980's working with women in prostitution and dealing with domestic violence.

Information about the offering and the grants available for local Domestic Violence organizations.

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