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Annual Fund for 2023
Our Regional Board adopted a goal
of $20,000 for 2023

We have received a total of 
$ 370 this year representing gifts by 6 households.

Annual Fund for 2022
Our Regional Board adopted a goal
of $17,000 for 2022.
 received a total of
$ 33,230 
representing gifts by 60 households.
We are deeply grateful for all who have participated in the
 2022 Annual Fund.

This generous offering helped to offset
our lower Disciples Mission Fund giving from congregations in 2020 -- 2022.

Your gifts to the Annual Fund
make up 12% of the income for our Regional Church.

In addition our regional ministry is funded by:

46% Disciples Mission Fund
22% Investment income
10% Christmas Offering

7% Designated gifts for Regional Church
3% Income from property rentals

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