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For the July 20-24, 2019 General Assembly in Des Moines, Iowa our congregations are invited to help create and contribute 3,000 finger labyrinths.

More on this project and where to send the completed labyrinths can be found on the Disciples Women webpage

Patterns range from crochet, to small knitted squares to larger more complex designs.  Below are a few sample patterns you can use and share.

Small Prayer Square (pictured in green) smallest/quickest

created by Cathy Myers Wirt

Two color or knit/purl chalice pattern pictured in white and in black/red versions created by Cathy Myers Wirt  You can reverse the K/P stitches for a different effect.

Diagonal Knit pattern from Ravelry   pictured in blue

Medium knit square

created by Amber Dixon   pictured in orange

Pattern using negative space

from knitting website

pictured in grey

Crochet spiral pattern

pictured in yellow/green

tutorial video available

sample of prayer square labyrinth.jpg
crochet spiral.jpg
one color chalice.jpg
irish knit.png
diagonal pic.png
amber pattern pic.jpg
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