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Anti-Racism/Pro-Reconciliation Resources

This page under construction  --   continue to visit  for more resources in the next few weeks


Watch this space for resources coming from the Tulsa Talks Zoom Conversation
See calendar for upcoming Tulsa Talk Events


Racial Prejudice


Misuse of Power

by Systems and Institutions



Three misuses of power HERE

Institutional Anti-Racism Continuum

Videos on
Systemic Racism

Short animated clip

Longer video by maker of Veggie Tales

Racism Harms
us all TED Talk
by Heather C. McGhee

African American History
in Oregon

Black History Museum
Boise Idaho

  • Time line of North American Pacific Asian Disciples Ministry (NAPAD)

  • Information about NAPAD

  • Time line for Christian Church in Oregon and SW Idaho NAPAD ministry

Video created by regional church Anti-Racism Team

Resources for
Work and Training

Resources about
Reconciliation Ministry
Grants and Offering Invitations
Christian Church
(Disciples of Christ)

June 2020 Conversation
with April Johnson
Minister of Reconciliation
on DOC Talks


Under construction

  • Annotated Bibliography of additional Resources to those on the Reconciliation site  including Oregon/Idaho specific items.  

  • Recommendations of local groups who are helpful as you learn/act/create new ministries 

  • Demographic information for the communities where we have congregations 

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