FAQs About the Christian Church in Oregon

1. Q: How is the Christian Church in Oregon funded?


                                                                                                                 2011 version

2. Q: What is the Disciples Mission Fund?

    A: The “DMF” is a fund made up of offerings  contributed by 

congregations in the Christian Church in US and Canada. 

These moneys are used to fund the identified mission

priorities of the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ). 

These offerings are overseen by the General Board of the 

Christian Church meeting annually and the Administrative

Committee of that board that meets 2-3 times a year as 



     Four Oregon Disciples are on

     the General Board at this time: 

         -April Oristano, Eugene First Christian

         -Bernice Rivera, Murray Hills Christian Church
         -Cathy Myers Wirt, Co-Regional Minister

         -Douglas Wirt, Co-Regional Minister                                                 2011 version


3. Q: Where do Oregon Disciple Mission Fund gifts come from?

    A: Given by congregations in 2012
                              27 of 35 congregations gave to Disciples Mission Fund
   3 congregations gave over $20,000 each for a total of                             $76,300
  5 congregations gave between $10,000 and $20,000 for a total of             $70,888
  6 congregations gave between  $5,000 and $10,000 for a total of              $42,361
  6 congregations gave between $1,000 and $5,000 for a total of                $16,125
  3 congregations gave between $500 and $1,000 for a total of                   $  2,367
  4 congregations gave up to $500 for a total of                                          $     896
                     For a total of                                                                   $208,937 
Congregations giving these funds by group are
Group 1:  Salem FCC, Hood River Valley, Murray Hills 
Group 2:  Portland FCC, Northwood Springfield, Forest Grove, Eugene FCC and
Group 3:  LaGrande, Pendleton, Albany, Junction City, Silverton and Grants Pass
Group 4:  Lynchwood, Lebanon, North Bend, Springfield FCC, Twin Oaks Eugene,
                and The View Portland
Group 5:  Iglesia Cristiana Escudo Y Fortaleza Salem, Ione, John Day
Group 6:  Allison Park Eugene, Dallas, Corvallis, Midway Portland
Additional gifts were made by congregations directly to the region and in special day offerings for specific ministries.

4. Q: How does the Christian Church in Oregon use their funds? 



​                                                                                                                            2011 version




5. Q: Who is on Regional Board?

    A: Regional Board

         Moderator: Rebecca Smith, Medford
         Moderator-Elect: Craig Johnson, Salem First Christian
         1st Vice Moderator: David DeBow, Junction City
         2nd Vice Moderator: Linda Presley, Hood River

         Treasurer:  office recently vacated
         Commission on Finance: Geoff Speidel, Medford
         Commission on Ministry: Bob Arnold, Keizer

         General Board Representatives
         April Oristano, Eugene First Christian (Regional Representative)

         Bernice Rivera, Murray Hills​ Christian (Member at Large)

         Cathy Myers Wirt, (College of Regional Ministers)

         Douglas A. Wirt, (College of Regional Ministers)

         Regional Board Members
         Laurie Costales, Keizer
         Jan Crouch, Lynchwood
         Eliza Drummond, Eugene First Christian
         Penny Gavette, Pendleton
         Ron Gavette, Pendleton
         Ronald King, Medford
         Cherry Hoffman, Silverton
         Judy Meneghin, Murray Hills, Beaverton
         Brian Ponzar, Medford
         Linda Tollston. Trees of Righteousness, Portland/Vancouver
         Larry Yamaoka, Springfield First Christian

DMF in Oregon is distributed in the following manner:

2011 versopm


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