Thank you to the staff who worked with

our campers and for the congregations that supported our 2019 church camp program.    

Regional Camp Liaison Staff Stacy Shelton, Medford FCC, led Western camps, and Tammy Anderson, Nampa FCC, led our Eastern camps with great volunteer staff of 67 people as directors, counselors, cooks, keynoters, nurses, logistic folks and counselors in training representing 20 congregations.

Western camps served 73 campers involving 18 congregations, Eastern camps served  83 campers involving 7 congregations. In addition, 3 service projects were done in Cascade, Idaho by the Eastern camps, involving 82 people including campers and staff. 

This means together 25 congregations

created camp for 156 kids and youth.  

 Dates for Snake River Camps 2020 are:

Kids Camp hosted by Nampa FCC        June 5-7, 2020

Junior Camp                       Chi Rho/CYF Camp

July 13-17, 2020                     June 22-27, 2020


Dates for Suttle Lake Camps 2020

Junior Camp/Chi Rho Camp     CYF Camp

August 2-6, 2020                   July 28-August 1, 2020

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